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All you'd need to do in order to stop wealth hoarding is link together all banks and set a 90 runic limit.  Thus, all players would be limited to only having 90 runic in the one and only bank.

And for those that have gang houses- they'd have to actively replenish the bank account.

But all of this is moot.  When a board matures, money is everywhere.  Scripting spots will always fill with money.  You'll see 500 runic in every room of a high level scripting spot.   There's no system that could compensate for this. 

If you impose a very high tax on players of 20 runic a day, what would happen to those who didn't want to constantly haul in silver or gold every single day?   Would the penalty for not paying said taxes stop people from being able to play the game?  If you make the penalty too light, players will simply ignore it and rich people would continue to be rich.  If you make it too heavy, then only the rich people would be able to continue playing. 

If you don't want to have 50,000 runic in your bank account then don't put 50,000 runic in your bank account.  Money will always be an issue at high levels since we have nothing to spend it on.  But having nothing on which to spend it isn't a reason to force taxes and fees and penalties because then you force every player to constantly run scripts to haul coins all day just to keep playing the game.
GreaterMUD Ideas / Re: Burning Staff and Ice Crystal Staff
« Last post by Deydrania on Yesterday at 12:18:54 pm »
I disagree.
Keeping someone warm is what fire does.  It creates heat.   It feeds off the heat that it creates and it does this so efficiently that it can grow exponentially hotter as it spreads.  You don't even need that much heat to create fire.  If this wasn't true, then you woudln't be able to create a campfire with a single match when you're in freezing temperatures.  And that camp fire is able to keep you warm through the night. 

So there is no argument that a burning staff- a staff that is literally on fire- makes you even colder.  Yes, the staff doesn't just not provide cold resistance- it makes you more vulnerable to the cold.  No fire does this.  Just like with the Ice Crystal Staff-  Nowhere in existence does ice make you hotter.  Holding a staff of pure ice won't make fire do more damage to you.

Also in games-

In every other game, elemental weapons work like they're supposed to.  Final Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.... All of the elemental weapons in those games either provide no resistances or they provide resistances to opposing elements.   Take the frost sword that belongs to Drizzt Do'Urden- one of the most famous characters in D&D:

Icingdeath was a +3 scimitar. It had the powers of a frost weapon.

It was also a frostbrand weapon. The weapon absorbed fire and heat, protecting its wielder against fire. It also had the ability to extinguish magical fire. For example, it extinguished a portion of the wall of fire conjured by the powerful demon, Errtu. However, it could also be set on fire in order to harm trolls, though this was only when the magic of the blade was being repressed

MajorMUD was the only game that got this backwards.   And the reason it wasn't corrected was because no one gave it any thought- they just copied the data over instead of making the correction that was needed.
GreaterMUD / Re: Board Offline?
« Last post by Silvix on Yesterday at 09:00:32 am »
The website appears to be offline as well.
GreaterMUD / Re: Board Offline?
« Last post by Silvix on Yesterday at 08:46:49 am »
Has anyone tried to email WH? Just wondering.

I messaged him on here a few seconds ago but I'm not sure how it all works these days.
GreaterMUD / Re: Board Offline?
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:19:56 am »
Has anyone tried to email WH? Just wondering.
GreaterMUD / Re: Board Offline?
« Last post by Silvix on Yesterday at 07:42:58 am »
I thought it was just me!

Glad I'm not the only one! Wonder what's going on?
GreaterMUD / Re: Board Offline?
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 07:38:11 am »
I thought it was just me!
GreaterMUD / Board Offline?
« Last post by Silvix on Yesterday at 07:13:04 am »
Is the board down or is it just my connection? Hasn't been online since about 6 PM last night..
GreaterMUD Ideas / Re: Burning Staff and Ice Crystal Staff
« Last post by Hurricane Omega on December 15, 2018, 05:50:38 pm »
No, the burning staff uses the magic of elemental fire as its power source.  When wielded, it bolsters damage by projecting fire onto the wielder's opponent and when fire is used against the wielder, it absorbs the fire which reduces the damage.  the same goes for cold with the Ice Crystal Staff.  This is a fundamental concept of magical items rather than the physical world.  Since fire magic and cold magic often oppose each other, using the opposing element can cause extra damage.

My 2 cents.
GreaterMUD / Re: GreaterMUD Content Feedback
« Last post by woland on December 11, 2018, 08:03:23 pm »
Bump. LOL @ Cheatin Vlad aka Coarse Horse for getting humiliated while trying to play a game competitively that he designed.

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