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Reset News!
« on: May 28, 2021, 12:52:00 pm »
Reset dates have been finalized!
PVP will be resetting June 12 2021 at 10 am mountain time. We will bring the board down on the night before to load the new data then open it again at 10 am on reset day.

Pve will be resetting June 26 2021 at 10 am mountain time. We will bring the board down the night before to load the new data then open it again at 10 am on reset day.
Rules. mme exports and greater megamud will be posted soon.

Change log

The avalanche has been cleared on the western road and travel is again possible to the port city of Blackwater. From there you can explore new destinations including the capital city of Kingsport on the far shores of Albion, as well as other exotic locales. There are new items, spells,quests and enemies to test your skills against! For more information be sure to talk to the various inhabitants.

   Mod 10 Update
      Various pieces that go along with Mod 10 are included in this push. Some are done, some are unfinished. Progress on the majority of Mod 10 continues.

New Features
      New ship travel system implemented. Talk to NPCs in Port Blackwater to discover new locations to
                sail to for different prices. Two new island locations await, as well as a new city.

New city - Kingsport. Kingsport will serve as the main city hub of Mod 10 in the future, but we figured we'd let
               everyone check it out. As is, a small handful of new items are in the shops and several monsters and
               npcs can provide quality pieces to those powerful enough to obtain them. If you're up for exploration,
               many npcs in the city will give you clues as to the direction of Mod 10.

        Various new side quests have been added to the game. Explore the game and talk to NPCs to find
   New magic shop added to Lost City. No items will spawn, but will stock when sold to the shop.
   Many shops have been updated with many unsellable items now able to be sold
   Gang house shops have come back down to earth, with a max of 15 items able to be listed per shop.
   Void non-boss drops moved to new mini-chest items
   Excess increased agility from items has been lowered or removed
   Bloodfeast drain chance changed to 50%
   Various new items of all types added to the game
   Dodge has been removed from a handful of pieces that proved to be too all-in-one. Clearer choices should
        now exist between combat stats and defensive stats on this gear, rather than many pieces having too
        much of both.
   Shield/Offhand progression has been retuned, mostly in the lower end
   Various former boss drops have been moved into chests or to new bosses
   Some mystic gear has been trimmed of excessive jumpkick damage to facilitate a smoother progression
   Tighter class restrictions have been applied to Ninja gear
   Many items have had stats adjusted to make them more attractive. Use the MME export to analyze them.
   Early game weapons have had their Magic level revisited. Crypt quest weapons are now Magic 1, with the
        upgraded versions being magic 2. Players will need to pursue Magic 2s from early tier bosses or through
        shops. This change was made to facilitate a wider and more interesting early game experience.
   Many items that were previously Magic 1 or non-magical have been boosted to Magic 2. Use the MME
        export to target and obtain them!
   The base value of many items have been tuned to more appropriate values, which will prove helpful for
        some more obscure items a gang leader may want to place in their gang shops.
   Various items have been revisited and retuned, particularly ones that found themselves on the wayside
        due to design flaws or lack of usable stats. Check everything!
   Sphere drops from Nahr fixed

      Witchunter badges have been tuned up a bit to allow more options
      Various new Witchunter/Witchunter usable items
      Various new monsters and bosses added
           Many monsters have had their exp values revisited, and in some cases boosted to serve the overall
                balance of area selection.
         stone giant
         stone giant shaman
         hill giant
         hill giant shaman
         gnaj golem
         gnaj zombie
         blue dragons
         green dragons
         animated defender
         ...and more!
      The entire Rugged Plateau has been retuned. Last push this was a one-stop-shop, and this time
                around players should have a better balanced palette of area choices rather than the Plateau being
                too easy and too good.
           Many areas throughout the game have been retuned and/or restructured. In some cases this
                includes monster stats as well. Dig into your MME export and explore to find new options and
                improved old options.
       Area Examples:
         Wyverns (Darkwood)
         Black Foothills
         Rugged Plateau
         Bat Cave
         Black Fortress
         New Worms
         Roc Hatchlings
         Blackwater Sewer
         Gnaj Area
         Wraith Spiders
         Zombie Pen
         Garden and Nearby Areas
         Flaming Mammoths (diamond mine)
         Diamond Mine (demonlings)
         Bone Portal
         Void Rifts
         Void Areas
         Burning Plains
         Alabaster Palace
         ... and more!
   Bone warrior follow chance in the Dying Fields has been restored to stock value.
        Have fun, roomers!

      Magic 1 and 2 Classes have the option at level 50 to acquire two new spells that would previously
                have been out of reach. Be prepared to pay up for these spells, as the gaunt one spellweaver is quite
           Skull beam mana cost set to 50

      Way of the Dragon changed into new kai power - way of iron skin
      Way of the Exploding fist had some adjustments
      Way of the Troll healing retuned
      Form of the Dragon retuned
      Form of the Viper retuned
           Stinking cloud now uses the correct accuracy ability
           Ice storm now uses the correct accuracy ability
           New level 60 spell - arcane assault

          Excess dodge removed from priest armor spells
          Glitterdust rebuilt and should have better niche uses than previously
          new level 60 spell - holy ire

          New level 60 room spell available - hail of stones
          Senselessness rebuilt and should have better niche uses than previously   
          greater mend spell added for both druid and ranger
There are a few structural changes to classes..mystics jumpkick attack has been slowed from 1900 speed to 3000 speed so kick now serves a purpose as a mid-level attack option. Priests are no longer blunt weapons users but are limited to staffs and rods and a few specialty items.

Gaunt ones are no longer bs proof, they will have a small added defense againt bs now

Poisons will no longer heal those with a poison resistance over 100. poison will do 0 damage rather than negative damage.

The party bug has been fixed as well as the bug allowing abuse of the floating spheres.

front/mid/backrank now alters AC: 0/+5/+10 and accy: +10/-5/-10

The custom statlines will now show the meditate flag correctly

=x has been added as a hang-up command

sm has been added as a command option for the smash attack

ki has been added as a command option for the mystic kick attack

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Re: Reset News!
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2021, 08:31:37 am »
Kickass!  Thanks for all of you and Greater's awesome work on these updates.  Looking forward to the resets and what's to come.

TGS v1.0 (coming soon)