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Warrior Idea
« on: August 02, 2021, 12:35:52 pm »
I think warriors are great, especially for their chart. But i'm not sure charts really matter much anymore. Especially when a Paladin can out exp them, it more than makes up for the chart difference.

So I was thinking of making the warrior a utility class. They would remain the same in all aspects, but gain the ability to really assist in boss kills very similar to what having the ruby-encrusted bracers do.

To accomplish this, I would add a new ENERGY stat (just like MANA/KAI). All warriors get 100 energy and it can never get increased. ENERGY ALWAYS replenishes at 1 tick per round.

At each 10 level increment, the warrior can quest for a new skill. They can elect to go defensive or offensive at each of the 10 levels, but not both. Think of the level 10 training halls.

The level 10 ones would take 10 energy, level 20 would take 20 energy, etc.. So you could stack them up if they overlapped, but wouldn't allow you to use a level 100 and a level 10 right away.

Here are some thoughts I had for both, just sort of picking random levels as examples, might be too powerful for so early on.

LVL 10 - The warrior steps into the forefront of battle. All damage is redirected to the warrior for 2 rounds.
LVL 20 - Shield Guard. (shield required). For 2 rounds the warrior takes no damage from any means. (including traps, magic, etc.). Note at Level 30 the warrior could use this and their level 10 to essentially prevent damage for 1 round.
LVL 30 - Soul Cleanse. For 5 rounds the warrior takes no damage from magical means.
LVL 40 - Ground Slam. The warrior slams their shield or 2 handed weapon into the ground which knocks down all enemies for 1 round (great for escaping tough situations).

LVL 10 - (this would require allowing warriors to wield a 2nd weapon in their off hand. Similar to mystics, the player gets the stats from the 2nd weapon, but unless using a skill below, it could not be used for combat)
LVL 10 - Dual Wield. For 2 rounds the warrior is able to utilize their off hand weapon
LVL 20 - Parry. For 2 rounds, with each hit that lands, the warrior does a single hit back (can be combined at level 30 with above for 2 hits per hit if 2 weapons are equipped).
LVL 30 - Critical Strike. For 1 round, a critical strike is guaranteed with every successful hit (after accuracy/AC is taken into account).
LVL 40- (this one is for you Gev). Whirlwind. Instant. The warrior extends both arms and spins hitting all enemies in the room for 1 hit per weapon at 'bash' damage levels, so dual wield (LVL 10) would allow 2 hits.