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Author Topic: now theres an ideas man  (Read 2198 times)

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now theres an ideas man
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:25:27 am »
let's have a reverse push,

10 bil XP starting point,

kills gain negative * 2 XP

you train down

max 5 level 'stack' before no more negative xp gain

first to level 1, 0 XP wins. starts next push with a lim of their choice, soulbound to the user and not counted toward the lim list.


implement the auction command, or any command (gos2) to have a 'second' gossip channel should we wish to split or just mute half.

make it interesting and remove the ability to see if people have gos turned off or on so we don't know


make the red emblem at least give fire resistance or something to make it worth the encumbrance.


remove the ability to buy guards and reduce the picklocking skill required into vaults and the door, remove thieves to discourage cheap duping


have encumbrance increase naturally per level to soften xp caps, if only very minor (ie 5-10% random of max str per level, so at 150 str, 15 enc per level (max gain) is 2250 total at level 75 with 150 strength. the theory is higher leveled players should get advantage with movement speed and gain the 6th swing quicker. This could also bring some good old fashioned guesswork into the game rather than using mme calculators all the time to figure out if next level will be okay, since you don't know exactly what your enc will be.


seriously let's add some more RNG factors into the game. we pretty much know exactly what to expect currently.