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GreaterMUD / Re: Double Casting Discussion
« Last post by Kakashi on February 15, 2020, 09:16:14 pm »
I think the double cast is necessary for pure magic classes to be relevant in PVE early game. In normal game play, thank classes (aka AC) are simply too strong (especially early game) relative to any other type of class and the double cast helps bridge that gap a little bit for casters.

In regards to the mana cost/efficiency, I never personally saw an issue with it. I think it seems okay for the most part. Casters still need to rest / rest mana, so it seems fairly balanced (nice work!)

In regards to PVP - I feel that some people may think it may be a little too strong. However, my opinion is that casters should be strong. The bigger issue (again in my opinion) is AC. Druids, for example, benefit a LOT from the double cast while still getting a LOT of AC. Given that, my only thought is to maybe ensure that mages do in fact have the most damage potential since they lack AC and heals. I have not looked myself to confirm, but usually Druids do ALMOST as much as mages, making them better overall because of their heals and AC.

So I guess my only recommendation is to double check the spell damages on the casters are balanced to give mages a clear advantage in damage.

Hope you find this informative in some way.
GreaterMUD Ideas / Idea: More Race and Class skills and perhaps a talent system
« Last post by twogirlz on February 04, 2020, 08:45:56 pm »
In order to add some more diversity to class/race combos and character talents,

I think some interesting new skills similar to Gaunt One see hidden for every different class/race that makes them unique in ways other than their stats.

Kang is pretty good with the extras, but i am thinking something even more unique, like a troll having passive regeneration. Or a human gaining extra CPs per level, one race with faster movement speed, some unique between round active skills. Passive leadership skills that enhance group abilities.

These could be associated with classes, races or even optional talents gained during levelling. It would mean that two warriors can have different utilities.
GreaterMUD / Double Casting Discussion
« Last post by Greater on February 04, 2020, 11:55:51 am »
I've created this thread to (hopefully) initiate some discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the double cast system that is currently in use on live realms.

As a summary of what double cast is, single target spells up to level 13 cast twice per round with the mana cost and total damage retuned. The mana costs are tuned to be slightly more generous than the stock setup would be if multiplied by two, and the damage is slightly under double of where spell mod would be for a single cast. This system was implemented mainly to help Magic-3 classes shore up their average damage at low level and to provide additional mana efficiency to help close the gap between them and melee classes in the low range. Hybrid classes also gained a viable source of boosted average damage, though whether this is balanced either in PVE, PVP or both remains up for discussion.

So what are your thoughts? If you see it as a problem, what solutions would you propose to fix it? Looking forward to your input!

Classes / Re: Witchunter EQ expansion.
« Last post by Greater on February 01, 2020, 11:31:45 am »
Witchies do need some work in general. Everyone is free to post more gear gaps/thin spots they have or ideas for boosting them as a class.
Classes / Re: Witchunter EQ expansion.
« Last post by Winterhawk on January 30, 2020, 09:15:29 am »
Shield expansion has been discussed and is likely. As for wrist items and earrings the issue is coming up with a reasonable item without using magic (magic bad!). Give me a reasonable benefit and a non-magical way to provide it that isn't just magic called something else and we will look at it. For example...by adding weight to the crimson scale gauntlets an effect of increased damage can be supported.
Classes / Re: Cleric Observations
« Last post by Winterhawk on January 30, 2020, 09:09:37 am »
The reduced combat and the weapon restriction is the price you pay for the increased healing and mana as well as the higher damage spells. Cleric only weapons just artificially inflate the combat past where it should be. That being said there can always be a good argument made for more choices.

The wrist guards issue appears to be a limit in the editor that only allows a certain amount of restricted classes to be specified, no good reason beyond that, and we have an idea on how to fix that.
Classes / Cleric Observations
« Last post by Wad on January 30, 2020, 05:41:23 am »
1H Blunt Weapons

Yes, I know Clerics get Smash, but this is not about that. Primarily Clerics are a melee focused class, much like Warlocks but with much less offensive spell capability. Magical 1H blunt weapons are sorely represented in the 30-50 range. For example, alignment wise at level 30, there are only 6 choices for a Magic-3 1H Blunt weapon, whereas all the other melee weapon focuses classes excluding WH have access to 15+ additional 1H Sharp Magic-3 weapons. This is effectively a 2.5 : 1 ratio.

Of the 6 choices, half of them are on the slow side of speed. I think there should be more choices for Clerics, possibly a few more Cleirc-only weapons, so it doesn't make these weapons more attractive to the rest of the melee classes. Lowered speed on 1H Blunt weapons would just make a Paladin/Warrior even more powerful, so that needs to be taken into consideration, as well as whatever happens to Priest Melee which at this point is just stupidly overpowered.

Off-hand items

I believe Clerics should also get access to wrist guards, was always baffled by why they were excluded from them.
Classes / Witchunter EQ expansion.
« Last post by Wad on January 29, 2020, 08:42:15 pm »
     Currently, level 35 is the last level for any kind of shield a WH can use (Red Chitin Shield). None of the level 50/60/80 armor sets include a shield option.

      WH only get 3 choices for wristwear, and since you can wear 2 of them, not really much of a choice when one of them is the quest item to get to the Apparatus Quest. This leaves the only real wrist items       
      they can use are Sunstone and Ruby Bracelet.

    Iron earrings and Crimson earrings are the only items to wear in this slot.

GreaterMUD Ideas / Re: Burning Staff and Ice Crystal Staff
« Last post by Greater on January 29, 2020, 12:08:33 pm »
Yes, this is a necropost.

I agree that there is a lack of continuity with these elemental weapons. It's tough to change them at this point when people have been used to them for years, but never say never.
GreaterMUD / Dodge in Detail
« Last post by Kakashi on January 25, 2020, 10:15:20 am »
Does anyone know:

1) how to calculate dodge % based on your +dodge stat. For example: does +1 dodge = +1 dodge %?
2) how does dodge relate to the accuracy of a mob? Is there a way to calculate how much dodge you need to dodge a particular type of mob?
3) what is the dodge cap?

I have read a few posts where people allude to some of these answers, but it still seems a bit confusing to me. So if you know how to respond to any of these, maybe referencing a few example would be helpful. For example:

+dodge stat ---- Accy of Mob ---- Estimated dodge %
+20 dodge         35 accy              ?????
+20 dodge         55 accy              ?????

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