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NPC Rumors:
« on: January 23, 2006, 04:42:12 am »
Sorry, for the similar topics I normally try to keep them more varied but tonight was kind of a brainstorm of NPC interaction ideas.

 I was trying to think of ways to make NPCs more integrated in what goes on in the realm and I though there might be an interesting slightly roll playing way to do that. Even though we all know not many mudders use any of the RPG features for any other purpose than caressing their Monkey totems and similar actions but I figured hell why not post it anyway.

The way this would work is when you ask an NPC about the latest rumors they would pull the info from a resent happenings list something similar to Lords daily news. This list would be automatically generated from the many acts players do while in the game: if they rob the bank, some npc might reply did you hear so and so robbed the bank and they haven?t caught him yet. If they killed a player or important NPC named rumple foreskin then you might get the message that so and so rubbed out rumple foreskin.

I then though hey well this is a semi viable idea what about some manually user selected rumors that could go on the list.

Start Blood Feud <player>
Starts a rumor about X player wanting to kill X player.
End Blood Feud <player>
Ends a rumor about X player wanting to kill X player.
Start Gang War <gang>
Starts a rumor about the impending gang war.
End Gang war <gang>
Ends the rumor about the on going gang war.

I thought about maybe letting people have custom rumors too but I?m not sure exactly how you would have them stop other than maybe they could just expire after x amount of time.
Start rumor <message>