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Author Topic: 2019-2020 Realm Changelog & MME Export  (Read 8083 times)

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2019-2020 Realm Changelog & MME Export
« on: March 25, 2019, 09:58:32 am »
Content version 1.2 Final

CURRENT MME EXPORT: http://www.filedropper.com/greatermudcontentv124-19-19final (final version)

New ganghouses are now available for purchase! Use your MME export to find them and where to buy their deeds.

With new houses in the realm, all houses have been tweaked to have a better progression of door strengths and guard strength vs cost and tax.

Multiple types of ganghouse guards can now be purchased to defend your house.

The limitations on number of ganghouse guards allowed in the game has been raised.

Gangs have gained a new rank: Captain. Captains can perform more actions as the right hand men/women of the gang Leader. Promote once to Lieutenant, promote again to Captain. Demote once to lieutenant, demote again to member. Gang deeds now produce a captain's emblem on use. Item is limited to one, so choose who gets it wisely.
Leaders can perform all gang actions, and proceeds from gang shop sales deposit into their main bank account.
Captains may stock and unstock gang shops, make emblems and keyrings if they hold the captain's emblem, invite/remove members, and purchase guards inside their gang's house.
Lieutenants may stock shops but cannot unstock them, can purchase guards inside their gang's house, and can invite/remove members.
Members may purchase guards inside their gang's house.

Gang Shops are now live! Currently custom pricing is not available, and items will be posted for three times their base value automatically. Concurrent with this change, item values on all items have been reviewed and in some cases adjusted accordingly. Stock and unstock your inventory with the help of your Captain should you choose to appoint one, or have your Lieutenants help out with stocking if you're heading out of town and want your shop to stay stocked.

Several new quests have been added to the game. One that everyone can do, and a simple chain for Witchunters. Find them!

Classes & Races
Experience charts have been thoroughly reviewed and in some cases adjusted.

Several starting, max, and total stats were examined and adjusted for a few races.

Limits have been removed on most items. Item rarity is controlled through drop rates and spawn times.

Many item drop rates have been tweaked, and many items now have additional sources.

Item cash values have been adjusted on a wide variety of items, and more items can be sold to shops.

Improvements have been made to many items that were previously rarely used. Use your MME export!

Various items were previously too powerful, such as nightfall stiletto. These items have been retuned. Use your MME export!

Various new items are available throughout the Realm, including several new containers (chests). Use your MME export!

Top end weaponry was revamped to give the items more distinction, though some of these now drop in different locations.

Hydra is longer spawn and lower chance to summon heads.
Top level list improved (command: top level)
Top level class list commands created. Examples: top level paladin, top level witchunter
who (name) will now display a single line showing alignment, name, and title. Examples: who winterhawk, who vitoc, or who winterhawk vitoc
Faded shawl cursed flag removed
Black dragon, runed dragon, and shadowkin suits are now class-limited to stealth classes only. Robes remain ninja/mystic only.
Silvermere park statues now display the top player of each class from the previous game.

Ancient sand dragon chest drops are revamped, and he also drops a new chest

Many monsters have had their experience amount re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly. This along with the effort to make every area in the game usable has opened up vast new potential throughout the realm. It also means that areas we found to be obviously overtuned last push have been re-adjusted to a more realistic level. MME will be your guide.

Many bosses that became bottleneck points for players seeking item drops have had their spawn times reduced, with their exp reward reduced accordingly. Some have had their drop rates raised.

Several Blackwood monsters that were previously not undead are now flagged undead and can be attacked with anti-undead spells.

Mother Ungol's HP has been increased significantly. Several other new and terrifying bosses now reside within the Realm.

BS Defenses on many monsters have been adjusted either up or down. BSing characters should notice a smoother progression of how much bs accuracy they require as they rise in levels.

Many new monsters have appeared throughout the Realm, with some in known places, and some in new places.

Anti-exploit adjustments to monster follow percentages in a variety of locations.

Anti-exploit adjustments to certain monster magic and elemental resistances.

The Avalanche has been cleared. Travel is now possible to the distant city of Port Blackwater, which rests upon the high cliffs of the western coast.

We've invested great effort since last year's launch into fixing up the parts of the realm that were either dead space or used on a very limited basis. The result is that the selection of areas to dwell in as you gain levels is much wider than it has ever been, but with minimal to no impact on the main travel routes that we've all become accustomed to using. There is no list of correct places to go; Everything is viable! Note that some of the areas we revamped for last push have also been revisited with any flaws in design corrected.

Below is a list of just some (not all) of the new and/or improved areas. Use your MME export and explore!

Improvements/New areas:
Port Blackwater (new city)
Mermex Tunnels
Black Mountains
Crumbling Temple (expanded)
Diamond Mines (revamped/expanded)
Stone Giant Encampment
Upper Storm Mountain
Undermountain (revamped with new areas)
Infernal Cavern (new area)
East of Blackwood Garden (revamped)
Upper Blackwood (new areas)
Mid Blackwood (new areas)
Arlysia Library
Hellhounds (Black House)
Filthy Passage
Orc Mansion
Smoking Crater
Misty Swamp
Black Caves
Fungus Forest
Cracked Plain
Hazy Swamp
Lava Fields
Black Fortress
Wererat Fortress (new area)
Crumbling Tunnel/Jagged Hill/Torchlit Tunnels
Blue Dragon Hatchlings (new area)
Temple of Fire
Hard Trainer (several sections revamped/new areas)
Old Mines (Gnaj) redone
Blackwood Garden
Black Foothills (new area)
Rugged Plateau (new major area)
? ? ? (small new hideouts all over the realm)
? ? ? (new very high level areas to be found and conquered!)

NEW: Spellcasting now increases spell damage and healing by 1% for every 50 over 100 SC. Examples: 200 SC = +2% spell damage/healing, 300 SC = +4% spell damage/healing
Various changes to which spells remove other spells. The scheme remains the same, but holes should be filled. For PvP players: Use MME to be informed about which wands/rods remove which spells.
New Priest-2 undead spell
Priest undead spells have had their damage and scaling revisited.
Mystic Dragon form should now be given consideration. Viper represents the higher damage potential, Dragon the higher average damage.
Several Mystic powers have been revamped or replaced:
way of the dragon has been changed into a small self-buff to defenses
way of the exploding fist is now an instant between-round damage burst for moderate kai cost (deals pure fire damage)

Pluralization removed (ie, 4 belt of mights become 4 belt of might), to help with Megamud to recognize more items
Prevent "using" a container (ie. use adamantite chest). Was a bug which wouldn't give you coins when doing this
Disallow instant cast, evil in combat spells from working against other players in non-PvP realms
Added various new abilities
A small amount of worn nowhere items now exist. These items provide their stats to the player by simply holding them in their inventory.
Fixes extra space on "player name" when looking at a character with no last name
Poison immunity now works correctly
Can now set your gender at char creation
Fixes broken "miss" messages,  most notably on the Mystic attacks.  Megamud will now properly track hit stats.
Fixes duplicate bank bug
Adds a "top \<number> level \<class>" command
  * For example: "top 39 level mage"
  * Changes structure when listing by level, to include title instead of gang.  Due to restriction on real estate to display text, to see gang affiliation, don't query by "level"
Mobs with spell immune of 999 or more are fully immune from all spells
Can no longer give item to hidden players
New "who \<list of names>" command
  * ie: "who wint tin thay" would list only the names "winterhawk, tiny, thayer" in the who list
Makes spell damage increase thru spell casting.  Every 50 spellcasting above 100 now grants a bonus to damage output.
Allows pvp to work properly in arenas
Prev was previously mechanically limited to only benefiting players of Good alignment. All alignments will now receive the defensive bonus from these spells and items.
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Re: 2019-2020 Realm Changelog & MME Export
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Re: 2019-2020 Realm Changelog & MME Export
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Link to MME export is busted, can you please reup?

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Re: 2019-2020 Realm Changelog & MME Export
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Link to MME export is busted, can you please reup?

Give it another try. I just downloaded via the link.