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Running With, Package Deal
« on: October 03, 2009, 08:53:36 am »
Mystic Gear Set.

I'd like to get a gear set for mystics that is designed to make PUNCHING do more damage than Jumpkicking.  I'd like the end result to be the highest damage outfit for a mystic, but mediocre in defense.  I'd like it to be a near full suit, including all armour and weapon slots, that you wouldnt really mix with other gear, and I'd like the collecting of the gear to end post level 50 and require createing items from multiple places and some limiteds from others.  Basically I don't want it to be a all in one place drop 200 runic and its yours, or a kill one or 2 bosses for the full set.  I'm no expert on mystics, or their potential damage I'd be happy to work on descriptions, but I'd like input on item stats.