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Author Topic: Player Joinable Factions:  (Read 1278 times)

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Player Joinable Factions:
« on: February 21, 2006, 01:39:48 pm »
This is a sub-idea based on faction alignments:

I thought it might be cool to offer some factions that players could join. The way this would work is that you would have your normal faction alignments and at a set alignment point, some faction would allow you to join their fraction. What this would give to a player is access to special stuff that is only available to faction members these could be prestige classes, items, services, spells, quests? Access to a factions special services would be controlled via a faction rank. The higher the rank in the faction the more services they would offer to you. You would gain rank by completing quests for them.

After you join, a faction if your faction alignment drops below the required level you would suspended from a faction and if this is not fixed further drops in faction alignment would cause you to be exiled from the faction and permanently lose the ability to have access to further special fraction services.

Fraction ranks:
0 ? Exiled ?this is a permanent ban from the faction?
1 ? Suspended ?this is a temporary ban from the faction?
2 ? Non-member
3 ? Rank 3 and above are titles given by the factions

Fraction commands
List factions ? shows your factions and ranks
List ?faction name? friends ? shows factions allies
List ?faction name? enemies ? shows factions enemies

I think this would give open up the game a little for more for themed side quests and allow alignment quests to handled better in the long run. This would also give players the ability to explore different factions of the game find information and run into snags like trying to be friends with to many factions at the same time.

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