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Content Changelog
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:17:15 am »
Use the MME export! It contains virtually all information about the realm.

Current MME export: http://www.filedropper.com/data-greatermud4-17-18
Class Changes

Classes have been adjusted so that every choice has a fair shake to be competitive. Charts are adjusted accordingly.

Warrior 155%, Combat 4
New gear suits, weapons, and accessories

Witchunter 145%, Combat 5
Quality of some existing Witchunter gear and quest rewards was raised along with new gear suits and weapons

Paladin 240%, Combat 4
New gear suits, weapons, and accessories

Cleric 220%, Combat 3
Improvements to blunt weapon selection, new armor suits, new weapons and accessories, Use spell major bless added to level 10 quest weapon

Priest 190%, Combat 1
Low level spells do raised damage, undead spells improved, evil and nuetral priests gear made more viable, armour spells adjusted at both low and upper levels
New gear suits, weapons, and accessories

Missionary 220%, Combat 3
Benefit from the new spellcasting system early on and the improved undead damage spells. Benefit from the bs changes and the new leather armour options.
Use spell major bless added to level 10 quest weapon

Ninja 195%, Combat 3
Improved BSing, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories

Thief 115%, Combat 3
Stealth +20, BsMinDmg +5, BsMaxDmg +10, Improved BSing, New gear suits, weapons, and accessories

Bard 190%, Combat 3
Improved spell damage, improved BSing, improvements to song of evasion, traveling, swiftness, battle, draining and shockwave. New level 10 quest weapon--jeweled longsword with a major bless use spell, jeweled main-gauche moved to a drop from tasloi cocoons. New weapons, armour, and accessories

Gypsy 190%, Combat 2
Improved damage on low level spells, improved BSing, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories, improvements to quality and availability of existing Gypsy items
Deck of cards available from swampside gypsy woman from level 15 (Grants one of eight improved fortunes, no bad fortunes)

Warlock 190%, Combat 3
Improved damage on low level spells, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories, selection of new offhand options, improved access to 1H weapons (ie, Soulblighter)

Mage 210%, Combat 1
Improved damage on low level spells, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories, benefit from new area scripting options

Druid 215%, Combat 2
Improved damage on low level spells, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories, adjustments to mana costs, improved barkskin ac/efficiency, improved damage and efficiency on summon elemental spells, new area scripting options, new elemental weakness scripting options

Ranger 240%, Combat 4
New gear suits, weapons, and accessories, improved BSing, improved barkskin ac/efficiency, regeneration spell is usable by Ranger

Mystic 250%, Combat 3
Start with 2 kai tick, new gear suits, weapons, and accessories, improvements to troll and swan kai powers, improvements to forms

Race Changes

Races have had some min/max stats tweaked, along with new bonuses added or some penalties removed. Race exp charts have also been adjusted.

#: 1, Name: Human, Exp: 0%, HP: 0, Str: 45-145, Int: 45-145, Wis: 45-145, Agi: 45-145, Hea: 45-145, Cha: 45-145, Abilities:
#: 2, Name: Dwarf, Exp: 40%, HP: 0, Str: 50-150, Int: 30-130, Wis: 50-160, Agi: 30-130, Hea: 50-160, Cha: 30-125, Abilities: M.R. +10, Illu +75, Encum +20
#: 3, Name: Gnome, Exp: 20%, HP: 0, Str: 40-140, Int: 45-150, Wis: 40-140, Agi: 45-150, Hea: 40-140, Cha: 35-130, Abilities: M.R. +5, Illu +65, Ability 1003
#: 4, Name: Halfling, Exp: 25%, HP: 0, Str: 20-100, Int: 30-130, Wis: 40-140, Agi: 60-190, Hea: 40-140, Cha: 40-140, Abilities: RaceStealth, Dodge +10
#: 5, Name: Elf, Exp: 45%, HP: 0, Str: 35-130, Int: 50-160, Wis: 40-140, Agi: 50-160, Hea: 30-120, Cha: 50-160, Abilities: Illu +50, RaceStealth, ManaRgn +10
#: 6, Name: Half-Elf, Exp: 25%, HP: 0, Str: 40-140, Int: 45-150, Wis: 40-140, Agi: 45-150, Hea: 30-140, Cha: 50-150, Abilities: RaceStealth
#: 7, Name: Dark-Elf, Exp: 45%, HP: 0, Str: 40-130, Int: 50-160, Wis: 30-140, Agi: 50-160, Hea: 30-130, Cha: 40-150, Abilities: Illu +80, RaceStealth, Crits +1, Accuracy3 +3
#: 8, Name: Half-Orc, Exp: 10%, HP: 0, Str: 55-160, Int: 30-130, Wis: 30-135, Agi: 45-145, Hea: 55-165, Cha: 30-120, Abilities:
#: 9, Name: Goblin, Exp: 35%, HP: 0, Str: 30-110, Int: 45-155, Wis: 40-140, Agi: 55-165, Hea: 40-140, Cha: 40-140, Abilities: Illu +65, RaceStealth
#: 10, Name: Half-Ogre, Exp: 30%, HP: 1, Str: 70-190, Int: 20-100, Wis: 25-110, Agi: 20-100, Hea: 60-190, Cha: 25-100, Abilities: M.R. +15, DR +2
#: 11, Name: Kang, Exp: 35%, HP: 0, Str: 55-160, Int: 30-130, Wis: 45-150, Agi: 30-130, Hea: 50-150, Cha: 30-125, Abilities: ImmuPoison +100, DR +1, AC +5
#: 12, Name: Nekojin, Exp: 50%, HP: 0, Str: 40-140, Int: 40-140, Wis: 30-130, Agi: 60-170, Hea: 30-120, Cha: 50-150, Abilities: RaceStealth, Illu +50, Tracking, Rfir +10, Rcol -10
#: 13, Name: Gaunt One, Exp: 50%, HP: 0, Str: 40-140, Int: 60-180, Wis: 50-140, Agi: 50-150, Hea: 30-110, Cha: 30-120, Abilities: Illu +200, Percep +10

Quest Changes

Quest Changes
Level 10
1st alignment
Reward includes an alder chest along with quest ring and 150k exp.
Evil items are placed in inventory of all questers on the proper step so be sure to speak with nasty man and balthazar first.

Level 12
High druid gem reward +2 SC and 150k

Level 14
Ice sorceress reward +1 AC and 250k

Level 15
Phoenix feather (no changes) reward phoenix feather and 750k

Level 18
Champion of Blood altar
When you kill Champion of Blood a chalice is placed in the inventory of each person that has not already claimed the reward from the bishop or the greasy thief (plus one will drop). The reward is +3 acc, a jade necklace, white satin gloves and 250k. An alternative option for evils will be to return the chalice to the thieves guild in Rhudaur for +3 acc, a jade amulet, one black potion, and 250k.

Level 20
Second alignment quest
Quest bosses are now 8 hour regen.
These have been rewritten so they will place the item in inventory of every person on the proper step (plus one will drop), so talking to your quest leader is required ahead of time now. The woodelves are now neutral so no clouds are taken.
Reward stat bonuses based on class and 2,000,000 exp

Dao lord quest
Reward increased to 5,000,000 exp and sunstone wristband

(New!) Desert temple quest (repeatable)
Return pharaoh head to desert temple
Reward 500k exp and a stat enhancing potion

Level 25
The apparatus no longer clears when destroyed so all can collect the 5,000,000 reward the same trip.

Level 30
3rd alignment quest
Evil quest has been rewritten so items are placed in inventory of all questers on the proper step and the dwarven guards are neutral now and no longer summon friends. Dwarven royals are still good aligned but also no longer summon.

Level 35
Adult red dragon
touch ruby for +1 crits +2 SC and 10,000,000 exp

Level 40
4th alignment quest
Kill dark phoenix
Reward has been increased to 40,000,000 and a cloak.
Bard cloak has been given a use spell.

Level 50
5th alignment quest
Neutral and evil megamud crashes have been addressed.
Evil has been rewritten so all members on the proper step get the item..red parchment..long golden chain etc, plus the altar in Pastor landers room no longer clears when desecrated.
reward 175,000,000 and a quest weapon.
5th quest weapons haven been adjusted to make them more unique and a weapon trader has been put above the fountain in Silvermere where for a 20 runic fee you can trade your weapon for one of your choosing within your class options.

Zanthus the Lich is now able to be visited more than once, with his exp reduced to compensate.

Area Changes
Many old areas have been revamped and are now viable exp options. A handful of new areas are also available for exploration.
Elemental casters or weapon users have many new area options.
Undead casters have many new area options.
Backstabbers have many new backstab-oriented area options.
Room spellers have new room spell area options.

Old areas that were improved:
Park (Silvermere)
North Dragon's Teeth
Black House level 2
Slaver Rooftops
Hilltop Fortress
Slimy Sewers (drops added)
Cave Worms (Black House)
Narrow Plateau (Roc hatchlings)
Ant Hill
Black House Pool (Tentacled Aboms)
Serpentkin Village
Crumbling Tunnels
Ancient Crypt
Wooden Passages (Minotaurs)
Mermex Area
Torchlit Cavern
Rhudaur Sewers
Orc Mansion
Underground River (Slimeworms)
Mossy Tunnels (main area and bat cave)
Crumbling Ruins (Above Mossy)
Black Caves
Northern Forests
Wvyerns (drops added)
Quaggoths (drops added)
Scorched Caverns
Limestone Caverns (Under Desert)
Dark-Elf Temple
Dark-elf Mage Tower
Dark-elf Prison
Dark-elf Training Area
Dark-elf Castle Basement
Dark-elf Royals
White Marble Tomb
Red Iron Mines
Stone Elementals (drops added)
Reef (drops added)
Sandy Beach
Most/All Dragon Areas
Shallow Jungle
Deep Jungle
Blackwood Forest
Jungle Catacombs (New neutral boss)
Undermountain Caverns (various levels)
Wererat Stronghold
Black Wastelands (drops added)
Gold Mine
Mithril Mine
Arlysia Library
Old Mines
Diamond Mine
Hill Giant Fort
Manscorpions - Various areas
Some hard trainer sections

New areas:
Stonework Tunnels - Connects Slum sewers with Rhudaur sewers
Abandoned Warehouse - Snap chains with crowbar, small area with mini boss
Brigand Camp - Eastern Dragon's Teeth Hills, small area with boss
Rocky Path - Kobold path has new lairs leading up to the cave
Northwest Fungus Forest - new bola spider spawns
Musty Grottos - dig in graveyard to fall through to the Grottos
Crumbling Temple - Desert - Multiple script areas with new repeatable quest
Molten River - Volcano
North Blackwood Cave - Darken Beasts
North Blackwood - Canimeras
Arlysia Library - animated defenders and juggernaut boss
Webbed tunnels - links old mines to diamond mines - Mother Ungol here and wraith spiders

General Changes
Overall Changes
A baseline of Spell Mod was used for player spell damage, with monster and boss spell damage modified to the normal stock ranges
Many bugs have been fixed!
With the exception of a few items, mainly the named weapons--darkbane, feyr, sword of Oz, gavel of justice-- all items are now unlimited with drop rates adjusted to make them hard to get but possible no matter when you start playing.
The face slot is active, all existing masks are moved to this slot and several new masks are added including a craftable mask to negate most fear (talk to jorah for info)
many if not most bosses now drop chests including a long list of little bosses nobody ever visits.
All classes have armour sets at level 60 and level 80
All classes have new weapons options at level 75
All armour types had glaring holes filled
All classes HPs were increased by 1 min and 1 max
Pure casters have a line of sashes that increase Spellcasting/mana regen/ac/dr and are available at 10 level increments from level 1 thru level 90.
Caster spells were reworked at the low end so damage spells up to level 16 cast twice per round, still using full mana per cast but allowing them to do damage enough to do equivalent to a fighter.
Druid spells plasma bolt and the 4 elemental spells were split into 2 part spells.
Priest spell exorcism was reduced to level 40, split into 2 parts, and had its mana cost lowered.
Gypsy gear stock rate in swampside camp has been increased
Gypsy deck moved to swamp woman, gettable/usable at level 15
Spell stocks in shops have been increased in both regen speed and quantity for sale.
Leather armour sets filled out and new options added. wyvernhide (craftable or buyable) at 15, webbed at 25, behemoth hide (craftable or buyable) at 30 craftable/buyable at Trina's Exotic Armours, a new shop in the former Tulls Barter Booth
Stealth classes have had many areas reworked to have fast regen single monster lairs to make backstab combat a more viable combat method.
Bows got an upgrade and most can bs, many spears can now also bs.
Shadowhome ability has been added at char creation to the stealth classes. This allows resting while hidden, and while not earth shattering it is beneficial at times.
Smash attack knockdown is now fully implemented.
Spells no longer extend the existing cast so mana flux type now work as initially intended and stun-lock is gone.
Potions have been reworked to now have positive benefits.
Evil items have had most of the negatives removed and damages increased in some places. neutral will get some of the benefits of good as well as some of the benefits of evil as well as some things that are only neutral
A 5th quest weapon trader has been implemented above the fountain in silvermere park, where for a 20 runic fee you can exchange your quest weapon for any of your class options and the weapons have been adjusted to make them more distinct. For example one option will have more defense where another has more offense or one has better bs stats while another has a hp drain.
Red house has been given a vault and a rent increase.
Some of the gang house emblems have been improved.
Spell traps like the vine bridge and darkened tunnels are now disarmable
damageshield and Shockshield damage is now working
Too bright to see has been removed completely
Combat spell messages now show the proper moves to attack message
NPP portals added to storm mountain plateau (level 60) Volcano (level 60) north blackwood (level 70) and the portal that was in Gnaj the Creator's room is now outside in the old mines
Fixed the “swings at at” (the double “at”) message when you swing and miss a target
Fixed third party message when a glancing blow occurs
Added notification if you are sneaking and you enter a room while another player is room spelling: “FizzPop is poised to assault the room!”
Fixed being able to hide/sneak in a room where another player is engaged in a room spell. You’ll be notified you can’t sneak/hide: “Unable to sneak/hide, a spell is about to assault the room!”
You can now backstab all mobs, even those with SeeHidden. However, your stealth will still break when entering a room and a mob has that ability. Note that BS’ing a see hidden mob applies the mobs full AC against your swing, whereas normally that doesn’t happen. This mechanic does not work against a Gaunt One w/ see hidden.
Back stabs against players are reduced to 85% effectiveness (to prevent one-shotting at higher levels in the game… a 1000 dmg BS would hit for 850 instead). Full BS damage still applies to mobs.
Training now costs money.
You’re told how much cash you need to train.
Added a “(y/n)” syntax to the reroll command
Entrance delay has been removed!
Fixed issue where logging in you could still move a room and not have mobs follow. Now mobs will immediately acquire a target once you log in. Necessary to prevent gang house shenanigans.
Room spells now ignore mob magic immunity. This means you can apply room-wide debuffs to all mobs, regardless of magic immunity.
Poison has been changed to allow mobs to still allow hp ticks, but only at 50%. Done to prevent boss killing cheese with poison debuff.
Between round summons have been fixed. Hydra heads will spawn, night hag will summon a silvery skull, etc
Changed combat order. Before combat round order was determined by who entered a room first. In parties, it would mean the leader would ALWAYS swing first. In pvp it meant whoever was in the room first, got first swing (excluding backstab…). Now, the player that attacked first goes first, and last goes last.
Fixed mob hp overflow. Prevent negative healing of a mob to “power them up”. Mobs will now only ever have as much as their max hp stat.
Fixed summoned mobs not being constrained to room limit. Previously if a room had a room spawn limit of 5, mobs attempting to summon would do nothing.
Fixed issue with ever-increasing crits as the round goes on. Had an issue with energy over-flow slowly creeping up to “2000” and crit qnd being based on that.
Added all new class titles up to lvl 100.
Lvl 100 titles are now fancy colors
Gang names limited to only 19 characters (due to screen width of ANSI characters…)
Fixed some messages used in various parts of the game
Fixed crash from “inquisitor armandriel” when asking him “arlysia”
Made dwarven guards neutral (dwarven royal guards are still good) and removed the guard summon from guards.
Removed the see hidden ability from guardsman in Silvermere
Teleport tokens added for each city, which are gettable in those cities or from bosses. Tokens cost 5 platinum per use and are on the PvE realm ONLY!

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Re: Content Changelog
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Re: Content Changelog
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Thanks for the dats. Can you post the new paths plz? PVE about to reset in a few mins. TY!

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Re: Content Changelog
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The Storm Mtn and Volcano NPP portals are not level 50.

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Re: Content Changelog
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The Storm Mtn and Volcano NPP portals are not level 50.

You are correct..they are level 60..post corrected.

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Re: Content Changelog
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Are the grottos level restricted?

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Re: Content Changelog
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you will not fall thru from the graveyard if you are below level 15