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Author Topic: Bunch of ideas  (Read 1882 times)

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Bunch of ideas
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:52:27 pm »
General -
Add a high rollers casino - The one in silvermere is for poor folk

Add money sinks - Cool titles? Fancy Colors? Potions that last 24 hours and give a decent buff for alot of runic. Anything to give a value to cash.

Make token teleport rooms delete all items on cleanup. People are slobs, sadly.

Speaking of tokens... can the fee just be deducted from bank?

Reduce gear drop %'s - Gear seems too plentiful, or remove some stuff from shops. Adds a little friendly competition.

Randomize boss spawns if possible, +/- 8hours or something, so someone cant monopolize spawn.

Buff up all ganghouse guardians, they are all a joke. They all have an uber attack, but it's only 3%? Bleh.

Monthly floor sweeps, will help control rogue items all over the place, will give incentive to store stuff in GH instead of stashing in the middle of nowhere, thus leading to ganghouses being a good group raid target.

Make PRGD worth something. Currently, almost NO monsters worth killing are good alignment. So PRGD spells and items, especially something like demontongue with +25 PRGD are practically worthless. Would be cool to have more good aligned monsters to utilize this ability, if it's possible to make you not cloud on monsters. Would be fine to cloud on them if EPS capped out at something reasonable.

Gaunt - Remove the see-hidden, too strong. Give them an eyes slot item (alot not currently used) with see hidden for X rounds 10? 15? times a day. Hell, make it unlimited, but you need to activate it to see hidden.

PVP Potions - All of them very very expensive, like 10-50+ runic
Name Change Potion - Changes your name to something random for 15 rounds. This will prevent HOS for PVP
Dodge Potion - +50% dodge vs Players for 5 rounds (Cant work against mobs to prevent abuse)
Perception Potion - Give +150 perception or equivalent for near backstab immunity for 10-15 rounds.

Announced Recycling - A way to drop items in a room, pull lever, and have the contents of the room gossiped for all to see. Rub it in for that person who was just killed. Also helps promote a cleaner realm.