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Author Topic: Quest Reward: Legendary Grimoires  (Read 1120 times)

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Quest Reward: Legendary Grimoires
« on: July 07, 2006, 11:06:25 pm »
This was a thought that dawned on me a few weeks ago but I forgot to post it and it got lost for a while in a document. Anyway I thought that this type of item would make for an interesting quest reward that could support both a little back-story and provide a nice limited item for some classes.

The item name would worked out something like this:
Grimoire of (Title) (NPC Name)

Example: Grimoire of Arch-Magus Zanzabar

It would an off-had item geared to magic users that contain a set of temp spells usable only when the book is equipped. The temp spells given out by the book would be both altered (more powerful) versions of normal spells plus a few original spells ranging from magic rating 1-3. Each book would be presented in a back story as being a legendary spell book of some NPC. The books would be themed based on the circles of magic so you might have a NPC Mage, Warlock, or Gypsy that specialized in fire, water, dark, or so on?..

Reading the inside of the book you would see something like this:
As you turn the cover of this arcane book you can make out the words? Blah blah blah this is the arcane tome of such and such (npc name). This is the sole record of my work with (circle of magic) as documented by my apprentice (npc name) in the year XXXX post some major event. 
(Example spell set):
Spell of Ember Blast
Altered Spell of Fireball
Altered Spell of Fire Shield
Altered Spell of Dragonfire
Spell of Soul Scorch

The book would be equitable by any one in that magic type and they would receive only the spells within their rating from equipping it.

We could also use an item like this for non historic NPC mages but these newer grimoires should contain less spells (mostly those that are original to that NPC and previously un-learnable or useable by players.)

Also other versions could be available for priestly characters such as: Holy book of saint so and so.