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Author Topic: Cleric Observations  (Read 270 times)

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Cleric Observations
« on: January 30, 2020, 05:41:23 am »
1H Blunt Weapons

Yes, I know Clerics get Smash, but this is not about that. Primarily Clerics are a melee focused class, much like Warlocks but with much less offensive spell capability. Magical 1H blunt weapons are sorely represented in the 30-50 range. For example, alignment wise at level 30, there are only 6 choices for a Magic-3 1H Blunt weapon, whereas all the other melee weapon focuses classes excluding WH have access to 15+ additional 1H Sharp Magic-3 weapons. This is effectively a 2.5 : 1 ratio.

Of the 6 choices, half of them are on the slow side of speed. I think there should be more choices for Clerics, possibly a few more Cleirc-only weapons, so it doesn't make these weapons more attractive to the rest of the melee classes. Lowered speed on 1H Blunt weapons would just make a Paladin/Warrior even more powerful, so that needs to be taken into consideration, as well as whatever happens to Priest Melee which at this point is just stupidly overpowered.

Off-hand items

I believe Clerics should also get access to wrist guards, was always baffled by why they were excluded from them.

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Re: Cleric Observations
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2020, 09:09:37 am »
The reduced combat and the weapon restriction is the price you pay for the increased healing and mana as well as the higher damage spells. Cleric only weapons just artificially inflate the combat past where it should be. That being said there can always be a good argument made for more choices.

The wrist guards issue appears to be a limit in the editor that only allows a certain amount of restricted classes to be specified, no good reason beyond that, and we have an idea on how to fix that.