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Author Topic: [spells] Formulaic Spell Coding:  (Read 1213 times)

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[spells] Formulaic Spell Coding:
« on: November 03, 2006, 06:17:10 pm »

I was just thinking about this today while working on another idea there are currently a lot of spell effects that we can?t do simply because of how spells are coded into the database. If we had a formula spell field we?d be able to design spells using any available system hooks in the game which would let us do things like this:

Converting a skill value such as stealth to bonus AC or bonus dodge
Using the characters current Intelligence stat to give an ACC bonus
Using the difference between current ENC and Max ENC for a speed bonus
Converting the characters avg Strength and Health to a DR bonus
Using character stats to control spell damage amounts

The interesting and I think best part of this type of spell coding would be that it can add a great deal more strategy to how magic affects a character. This is because spells that give bonuses to stats would then also boost the effects of these formula based spells.

So if a bard were to cast say song of traveling on a player and it boosts that player?s max encumbrance. Then that player casts a spell that uses one of the examples above where the difference between current ENC and Max enc translates to a speed bonus then that spells effect would be boosted. Or a ranger might cast a spell like camouflage in conjunction with a spell that translates stealth to a bonus for AC or dodge. The same types of effects could also play out in hex type spells.

The other thing this would enable us to do is lay out a clear stat to element type strategy base. So magic using players could strategize stat enhancing gear and spells with their current favored element spells in order to enhance their effects.