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Author Topic: Intoxication, Fear, and Confusion effects?  (Read 1423 times)

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Intoxication, Fear, and Confusion effects?
« on: February 27, 2007, 04:01:31 pm »
I was thinking that by revamping these game enforced roll playing effects we could have way more fun with the PC users.

Intoxication: Drinking in the game?
Right now the way mmud handles this is by using the confusion ability personally I think it should have its own ability though.

1. Drunk talk filter ? the more you drink in game the worse it makes you talk. The way it would work is by adding or subtracting letters out of what you input. So I?m getting drunk might type out I getin dunk or I?mma geetinng druunk.
2. Action filter ? causes the normal stumbling drunk effects. Everything from skipping actions to adding actions effects like hiccups to burps to drooling, all the way to puking. Action effects should be both directed and non-directed such as burping on a player in the room or puking on yourself or the player or npc next to you.
3. Movement filter ? causes random movements to happen like walking into doors and walls to closing open doors and then walking into them and or falling over.
4. Combat effects ? being drunk should cause problems and give some benefits.. this should mainly negatively effect accuracy for normal and crit hits and dodge, on the positive side it should increase damage.
5. Vision filter ? this works similar to the talk filter and alters the way rooms and their content/properties look. Mainly Descriptive text, Monsters, players, and items become misspelled.
6. HP effects ? At some point the cumulative effect of being intoxicated should take a toll on a player?s health or HP and in turn act like a poison type effect. The point that this happens should be based on the characters health.

Fear and paranoia:
Fear in majormud made you shake in your boots to run around like a maniac.

1. Paranoia Effect ? This causes random text lines to spawn on the screen: from you feel you?re being followed to auto-generated room talk using your player name that is falsely directed from and to other NPCs/PCs/Items in the room with you. You know you?re messed up when your weapon starts conspiring with its target against you?
(Similarly we should add in normal chances when some is tracking you or attacking and chasing for the similar you?re being followed or you?re being chased text as this will help to reinforce this type of effect when actually under the effects of paranoia.)

2. Movement filter ? This causes random effects from not being able to flee to uncontrolled fleeing.
3. Command filter ? This causes commands to be skipped.
4. Scared shitless ? uncontrollable defecation? lol not sure about this one?

Confusion in mmud was used for lots of spell effects all had custom messages but otherwise all worked the same boring way. Secondly there was no stat interaction once a player is confused. I think to place more value on some stats we should have either intel or wisdom allow a player to resist the effects of confusion and perhaps effect the duration.

1. Talk filter ? Similar to the intoxication talk filter this changes the input from a PC. I was thinking it could use the same filter scheme but in addition to it add in chances for random text and incoherent babble to be outputted to the room while the original message is displayed only to the person talking. Example:

Randomized text:
Input: Ok give me a chance to rest up.
Output to room: I?m a little teapot.
Output to self: Ok give me a chance to rest up

Text filter:
Input: Crap I?m confused again.
Output to room: Carapa Imi conofusuede agaiana.
Output to self: Crap I?m confused again.

Action text replacement:
Input: Ok wait a sec I?ll brb
Output to room: (player) babbles incoherently at you while picking (his/her) nose.
Output to self: Ok wait a sec I?ll brb

2. Command filter ? The command filter in mmud only made you skip actions, personally I think it would be much more interesting to allow it to randomize targets for attacks and utility spells. The chances of it doing this should be based on how confused a player is.

3. Direction filter ? very simple text filter to randomize direction words so that one direction such as east or west might appear as any other direction available. The idea is that this would filter both spoken text and content provided text on the fly.

Player says go east.
Confused player sees: player says go west.

However at the same time when the player tries to go west it would send the player in a random available direction thus adding to the effect.

Similarly text like this would be affected too.
Animal just left to the east.
Animal walks into the room from the east.
The direction word at the end would be randomized.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?